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 City of BiteFight

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PostSubject: City of BiteFight   Wed May 07, 2008 7:23 pm


@ Here you can buy different weapons and potions and also sell them back.
@ Link where you will find all items that can be bought there: Merchant's Shop


@ While working in the graveyard you can not attack someone,
make manhunts or raise skills.
@ You can cancel work on graveyard before time is over but then you will not gain any gold or experience for the time that already past. It helps when someone attacks you and you know he will come again so you cancel it and spend your gold on skills.
@ Being on graveyard doesn't mean that you can not be attacked. It means only that you will not appear on "Random Search" so if someone just writes your nick in attack field he can normally attack you.
@ Normally for 8h work on graveyard you get experience equal to your level.
(level 35 = 5.120 gold and 35 exp)
But maximum amount of exp depends on your 8h graveyard payment.
(Example: When you get 5.120 gold for 8h graveyard work and you are level 55, you get only 51 exp cos it can not exceed that first two numbers.)
So if you don't get same amount of exp as level you are, that's no bug.


@ Here you can do quests. You can pick between easy, middle or difficult and then you have to follow given tasks. After you are done, you get your price in gold and booty.
@ It sent you either to go to attack demons or to jump between places in the city to take your reward.
@ sometimes it use different names for some places like "Puffer" (Market place), "Chronicler of the Underworld" (Library) or only "Explore" (VooDoo Shop)


@ Here you can hunt demons.
@ You have 2 hours hunting time and you can use it by 10, 20 or 30 mins.
@ If you are Shadow-Lord, then you have 4 hours of hunting time and you can
hunt by 5, 10 or 15 mins .
@ Time spent here is calculated together with manhunts.
@ After time is over, you get the message "You have fought a battle in the grotto"
@ If you win the battle, you get gold and exp. (gold taken here is counting under booty)
@ You also can lose the battle but you can't lose any gold.

Marketplace (Puffer)

@ Here you can sell your old equipment which you don't need and you can buy
new equipment from someone else who don't need it anymore.
@ To buy something, just choose type of equipment you wish to buy (Weapons, Potions, Helmets, Armors, Items) and click on "buy".
@ You can sell every piece of equipment that you don't have activated. Just go to "Sell items" pick something, put price on it, time item will
be offered and offer it.
@ There is a minimum and maximum selling price so you choose something in offered range. Also you need to choose time your item is offered. After time is over and nobody has bought the item, it will be withdrawn from market.
@ When someone buys an item from you, you get gold immediately
even if you are not online.
@ For every item you offer, you pay a small fee.

Library (Chronicler of the Underworld)
- here you can change your nick -

You have two ways to change your nick:

First one is with gold.
@ You pay a days payment on graveyard to change it. (if you earn 160 gold on hour, you will have to pay 160x24 = 3.840 gold)
@ After nick change, login nick changes also.
@ 7 days after nick changes this "Werewolf (new name) once (old name)" in your profile disappears and you see only your new nick
@ You can change your nick only once in 7 days.
@ When you change nick, you lose 10% of your booty.
So, if you have 200.000 booty before nick change, you will lose 10% (20.000 booty) and you will end up with 180.000 booty. Think good about it if you have a lot of booty....

Second way is to pay 10 stones for it.
@ 7 days after nick changes this "Werewolf (new name) once (old name)" in your profile disappears and you see only your new nick

VooDoo Shop

@ Here you can buy hellstones and with them you can buy better equipment, defense, force and 100% health potions, treasure chest, Shadow Lord and some other things..
@ just click on "buy" , pick how do you wish to pay for them (credit card, paypal etc) ,
pick amount of stones and fill out the information which is needed.
@ in case of any problems with payment, please contact

@Also here you can buy Shadow Lord which gives you special features:
- no ingame ads
- you receive the gold equivalent to 12 hours of work
- fight blockade time is reduced from 15 to 5 minutes
- doubled manhunting time; 4 instead of 2 hours each day
- improved message menu (sorted to different folders)
- you will get a 100% health potion together with your upgrade
- NEW: Hunt Statistics
- create your own individual character
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City of BiteFight
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