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 Tutorial 1

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PostSubject: Tutorial 1   Wed Jun 18, 2008 9:30 pm


- This is the main page of the BiteFight game, here you have information regarding your account/character and some statistics.

Race: In Bitefight are two different races: Werewolves and Vampires.
Members of one race can only attack members of the other race.

Elder: A player that registered before you and brought you into being.


Force: It affects the damage one can cause in battles.

Defense: It reduces the damage that an opponent can cause in a battle.

Dexterity: It increases the chance of hitting the enemy and at the same time avoiding being hit by an enemy.

Endurance: It determines how fast will your health regenerate.(how much your level of endurance is that much you regenerate, for example if
you have endurance level 10 you will regenerate 10 health points in one hour)

Charisma: It decides your chance to find an opponent
by random search, and also gives you the chance for a double strike to the opponent.
chance to strike your opponent is calculated like this:
(your charisma = 30, opponent charisma = 24; 30 - 24 = 6% chance to strike double)

- On the right from your race avatar you can see the amount of gold you have:


It is your link for hunting on the internet - You can bite people like you were bitten

- For every victim you bite with your bite link you get booty (meat/blood) and
some amount of gold
- You can see in your profile how many victims were bitten through your link
- When someone clicks your link and registers you will see his name (example; Up to now you
brought 2 Werewolves into being and their nicks Bob 1500 kg meat John 683 kg meat)

Remember this:

- You can`t bite yourself it is not only not honorable it is very stupid.(try bite your finger off) Smile
- You are now the creature of the darkness and can`t be bitten again at least from people who play on your server.
- Victims can`t be bitten more then once a day! Not from you or from other players.


- Victims bitten (via link): total number of people that have been successfully
bitten trough your link
- Entire booty: it is the sum of blood/meat you got or through man hunt or through bite link.
this is the also the default statistic by witch highscore list is sorted
- Fights : it is the sum of all fights. no mater if you have attacked or you were attacked
- Victories: it is the sum of the fights you have won
- Defeats: it is the sum of the fights you have lost
- Draws: it is the sum of the fights where is no winner
- Gold captured: it is the sum of the gold you have won after winning in the fights
- Gold lost: it is the sum of the money you lost after losing fights
- Damage caused: it is the sum of damage you made to your opponents
- Hitpoints lost: it is the sum of health you lost in fights

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Tutorial 1
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