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 Tutorial 3

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PostSubject: Tutorial 3   Wed Jun 18, 2008 10:33 pm

VooDoo Shop

@ Here you can buy hellstones and with them you can buy better equipment, extra potions
(defense, force potions) , treasure chest, Shadow Lord and some other things..
@ just click on "buy" , pick how do you wish to pay for them (credit card, paypal etc) ,
pick amount of stones and fill out the information which is needed.
@ in case of any problems with payment, please contact

@Also here you can buy Shadow Lord which gives you special features:
- no ingame ads
- you receive the gold equivalent to 12 hours of work
- fight blockade time is reduced from 15 to 5 minutes
- doubled manhunting time; 4 instead of 2 hours each day
- improved message menu (sorted to different folders)
- you will get a 100% health potion together with your upgrade
- hunt Statistics
- create your own individual character


@ Here you can either make your own clan or join some other clan.
Some links to useful threads about clans:
Tutorial for Clans
Clan Hideout pictures
Clan and character description

Buddy list

@ Here you see people which you added as your friends
(by clicking button "Buddy request" in their profile)

@ Also you see buddy requests from other players and you can either
add them (Ok, accepted) or reject them (No way)
@ with this option you can see if your friends are online and as a shortcut to send
them messages and to view their profile.


@ as the name says, here you can write what ever you wish (reminders, nicks from
some good targets, personal stuff etc.)
@ It can store a maximum of 2000 characters

Hunt Statistics

@ This is Shadow-Lord's benefit but as written above it doesn't work for now.
@ Here you can see who you attacked this day and how many times. It counts battles
from 00:00 till 23:59 server time.
@ This is a great and useful feature but it doesn't work for this domain because we have bashing rules that count for attacks made in a period of 24 hours and not from midnight
till the next midnight.
@ a proposal is already sent to GameForge if they can change statistics to fit to our
bashing rules and we are still waiting their answer.

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Tutorial 3
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