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 Posting your bitelink

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PostSubject: Posting your bitelink   Wed Jun 18, 2008 10:54 pm

How to post your player ID link:

there seems to be some confusion about the player ID link which the rules require you to post on the competition threads and the account trading threads-we hope this helps! there are basically two ways to get your player ID link:

1. first find your bitelink on your settings page ingame: choose the correct link below that corresponds with the server you play on: the numbers from your bitelink at the end of the link you have chosen:


and there is your player ID!

another and perhaps the easier way is this:

1.go to the highscore page or your clan page memberlist and find your name-click on your name and the URL of either of these pages is your player ID!

we hope this guide helps.

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Posting your bitelink
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