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 Being active and bashing rules.

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PostSubject: Being active and bashing rules.   Wed Aug 13, 2008 3:20 pm

We do not pick on the weak, we protect our own, we respect honor in battle and will treat others with such IF we are respected and honored. Show no honor, we will show no mercy. We will hunt you down!

During your time in the clan you must be active. After 5 days of being non-active, you will be released from the clan. You can re-enter the clan after you become active, but you will be one rank lower than normal. We are trying to make it to the top 10, so we need all brothers and sister to be active. If you are inactive for more than 5 days you will be removed from the clan. If you know you will be gone, please inform an Admin or myself.

Clan ranks for found here.

Bashing rules are found here.

Bashing will result in a ban in the game, at the server GO's decision. In the clan for the first bashing ban, you will lose one clan rank for up to 2 weeks, at the Clan Master's and/or Admins' decision. If bashing results a second time, you will lose your rank and become a bitenewb for up to 6 months. This, again, is up to the Clan Master and/or Admins. If you are banned a third time for bashing you will be released from the clan. Please heed this warning, it will be enforced.

*Be reminded that if you are banned for multi-accounts, you will be removed from the clan. If you can get the ban lifted, please inform the Clan Master AND Admin. We will see if we will allow you to return to the clan.*

Do not try to hide your banning, the pillory will be check on a weekly basis by Clan Master and/or Admins. If you hide your ban, you will be released from the clan and will not be allowed to return. Game pillory can be found here for server 8, and here for server 11.

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Being active and bashing rules.
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