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 Hellstone Information

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PostSubject: Hellstone Information   Sat Oct 25, 2008 5:45 am

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About HellStones

Here on the board we get TONS of questions about HellStones. Its the goal of this FAQ and Guide to answer those questions. First and foremost, please understand that we staff have no control over the payment system and process. For all inquires of that type please contact and they will assist you. Now, down to the nitty gritty.

How do I get HellStones?

* Purchasing in Voodoo Shops via different payment methods (varies depending on countries)

* In Manhunts. Chances are very slim, one per 10K manhunts.

What/How do I use HellStones?

* Change your character name - At the Library

* Treasure chest

* Gargoyle

* Book of the damned

* Attack Blockade is 5 minutes - With Shadow Lord

* Improved message menu - With Shadow Lord

* You can buy: 100% Healing Potion (full health), Defense Potion (Defense +50%) and Strength Potion (Force +50%)

* Double man hunt - With Shadow Lord

* Hunt Statistics - With Shadow Lord

* Change your appearance - With Shadow Lord

* COOL equipment - Equipment that you can only get with HellStones.

* Change your race - using Metamorphosis Stone

* You receive the gold equivalent to 12 hours of work - With Shadow Lord

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Hellstone Information
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