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 Explanations of updates

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PostSubject: Explanations of updates   Sun Nov 16, 2008 11:56 am

Here is a small overview of the changes coming with the new update
1. More armors and helmets
2. Shields, boots, gloves
3. New items like rings, amulets

Rings available from level 11
Boots available from level 15
Shields available from level 20
Gloves available from level 23

The space of your inventory is increased by one more slot per level
(so with the maximum hideout available you will be able to keep 3+22=25 items)

New Noob-protection
Now anyone can attack opponents with 15% difference of level (a 100 level player will be able to have a battle from levels 85 to 115), the minimum is still -/+9 levels.
The 15% regulation will exist after level 67

Attack Limit-Noob Protection
Now anyone will be able to attack opponents depending from their level else the attacker will receive a message like:
The opponent is not on your level range limit and cannot get attacked
15% Regulation is in effect after level 67

Inactive account/Totem
As Inactive accounts will be considered all accounts that are inactive for the past 100 days.
If someone attacks an inactive account, a real battle takes place. If the account gets indeed deleted after the battle depends of some kind of “chances”.
To clarify:
Account 100 days inactive = 0% chance that the account will be deleted
Account 120 days inactive = 20% chance that the account will be deleted
Account 150 days inactive = 50% chance that the account will be deleted
Account 190 days inactive = 90% chance that the account will be deleted
Account 200 days inactive = 100% chance that the account will be deleted
Account 230 days inactive = 130% chance => In this case the inactive account can be deleted even if the battle was lost.

If someone wins a battle like that and the account gets deleted the winner takes a Totem.
Exception: If the account is a premium account! In this case it is not considered as inactive!

What is a Totem?
Totem is what is “left” of the defeated account like a “tooth”, “heart” or “hair” of the player.
The totem appears in the overview in the inventory places. A player can carry as many totems as allowed by his hideout level, maximum 11.
If all totem slots are taken but the player keeps winning battles with inactive accounts, even if the accounts get deleted, the player does not get any totems.
And of course, because a totem with the defeaters name is dull, each totem has a value. Each totem gives you one out of two chosen abilities and 5% - 10% of the ability of the defeated person.
If the inactive account for example had Force: 60 and the totem is supposed to give you force, then you’ll gain +3 to +6 force. But the factor of which ability you’ll take is random. But, if the ability is smaller than 5%-10% to 1, then you get nothing.

Can someone get rid of a Totem?
Totems cannot be sold in Market but Merchant likes to buy those. When you win one or several totems another Item-Group appears on Merchant, a new option called Totem. There you can see all Totems you have and sell them to Merchant in order to get more space for Totems. All players can see your Totems on your profile but they cannot see which of those are active at the moment.

Clan wars
After a war declaration, the war takes place 8 hours later. One hour before the war begins all members of both clans will meet. From this moment the clan members cannot perform any other actions. If a war declaration is withdraw 1 hour before the beginning of the war, then the Clan-Master will loose 5% of his booty.
You can declare a war every 5 days. For a declaration of war against same-race clans, clan- approval is needed.
The clan, to which the war was declared has the right to decide for how long the war will take place until 1 hour before the beginning. Only if the war is accepted, the clan members can “arrange” themselves in “battle-positions”. In this wars you hit the “essence” of the opponent.

What is Essence?
The essence of a player is determined by his level + his endurance (Items, rituals etc included)

The damage that someone from the clan causes consists on the strength (+ Bonus) divided by 10. This is the maximum amount of damage that the player can cause. The damage that can be made is random between 2(as minimum) and the maximum damage that you can get from a hit. Whoever runs out of essence is exclude from the war. The health-points of the players won’t change. Every clan member of the winner-clan, that fought in that battle, will receive a part of the gold. The complete amount is calculated like: The money every fighter would earn with one hour work at cemetery AND the number of survivor of the winning-clan
The loser-clan get away with nothing. All fighters gain experience.

Clan rituals affect all members of the clan and can ~for example~ strengthen them. In order to start the ritual you call a guy, an evocable guy that will “summon” the ritual (something like Invocator). You have to pay for the ritual to take place and this gold is taken off your clan cash. An invocation lasts 10 minutes and till the end the ritual must be fulfilled. However, the Invocator-guy can only be called once every 2 hours.

Changes in the Message-Menu:
Won and lost fights colors change. The notification for the won-fights will be yellow and red for the lost ones.
Deleting Messages: Now, you don’t need to choose every message individually, there will be an option like “all messages” and you can decide what you want to do with the chosen messages.
Sent Messages: Now, you will be able to keep your sent messages. The messages cannot be deleted by you. They’ll get deleted by the system after 7 days.

Buddy-requests (for premium players):
When you put someone in your Ignore-list he is no longer able to send you buddy-requests.

The High-Score will have a new category. The score of clan-wars.
Also, when you want to attack from the High-Score list you don’t need to copy/paste the name of the opponent on the search field. There will be an attack button in the opponents profile for that.

Opponent’s search and hunting statistics (for premium players):
There is an improved change in the random search function. You can choose which level of the opponent you want to attack. At the Hunt-Statistics you will now have a new column that will calculate what you gained or what you lost each time you attacked this opponent. At the end of the hunting statistics you'll see the complete booty of all fights.

Changes in the Clan overview and management:
As you take a look at your opponent’s clan you will be able to see a new column that indicates the level of each player. You will not have to create a separate rank for the “Minister of war” (not sure how they’ll call it), now you will have the choice for this rank, it works the same way as “write clan messages”. All ranks will also appear at the player’s profile. The “Minister of war” rank will appear as: Admin(Minister of war). Another right for the clan members is “Using Clan-Rituals”. If a player leaves a clan (in case he deleted his account) there will be a notification.

Changes in Treasure Chest, Gargoyle Guardian and Book of the Damned:
Players with any of these premium features, will be notified 24 hours prior to the features’ expiration with an ingame message.

Display of Skills/Fight Modifications:
In the Overview, which is actually only visible to you, you can see the total values of your skills, like you would do previously in the battle reports. If you roll your mouse over a certain skill you will see the details of your original skill value and the value added through items.
In the fight modification display you can see the current hit/evade bonus chances in percentages. This will help you calculate your own chances easier. These percentages are calculated using your current level and any items that might help you in each of the distinct areas.
To encourage players to buy items of higher levels as they advance through the game, every item will become less effective the more you find yourself “out-leveling” it.

You will now be able to shorten the waiting time between two quests by using hellstones.
There will be a countdown timer in the character-overview that will inform you about the time needed to have full health again, based on your endurance.

The Battle-Engine:
Like before, when in battle, the chance to double-hit your opponent is calculated and this result is added with the bonus you might get due to items. There will also be items that your opponents might use that will reduce your chance of double-hit by blocking. When your opponent is blocking more hits that you can make, you will just hit him once.
After the number of hits is calculated, the battle engine checks if your hit(s) is(are) successful. The chance to hit and the chance to evade is similar to the formula described above which means that you can influence not only your hit chance but your opponents as well.
There is also a weapon damage value added to the weapons which is added to the calculated damage that you would cause based on your skills. This just increases the maximum potential damage whereas the actual damage you inflict will be randomly generated.

Changes with Double-Hits:
When using double-hits the hit chance calculated for the first strike is used for all the other strikes that are caused by the double-hit. That means if the calculation is that the first hit is successful, all others will be successful, too. But every further hit in such a double hit "sequence", after the first one, only causes 50% damage compared to the prior hit.

New Help Menu:
The Help Menu has been extended so you can submit suggestions and/or questions for the FAQ.

New e-mail change function.

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Explanations of updates
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