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PostSubject: The1WereWolf   Mon Dec 15, 2008 9:58 pm

Well been using the name in online gaming since early 98.

The werewolf comes from summer of 95 , when I walk into the back of someone yard.
Curly black hair, a full beard, torn blue jeans, and a torn up flannel shirt.

The home owner said I scared the hell out of them, and i looked like the old movies Lon Chaney
werewolf. Whne I got back to the shop that evening, my boss said here's "The WereWolf", I been getting calls about all day. ever sence I have used it as my work nickname, and some form of for all online game.

At 6ft "8 and 275 pounds, I've always been a bit of a monster. 8 years military and the rest does construction work. Keeps me in preety good shape.

Tho A bit older and wiser with some age, along with some gray hair now. I still enjoy online games and text based games.
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